• Benjamin Watts

Kenya’s Alarming Surge in Teen Pregnancy

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

When one mentions the COVID-19 pandemic, the immediate struggles that surface in one’s mind usually gravitate towards the health and safety of their loved ones. The problems that this pandemic has catalyzed however, span far beyond our immediate health and the Imara house in Kenya has experienced these secondary effects first-hand.

The key mission of Imara has long been the assistance, education, and protection of teenage mothers in Kenya who lack the aforementioned securities and adequate support systems in their homes and communities. As Imara’s mothers were forced home as a result of the pandemic, the pregnancies that drew them to Imara have skyrocketed in the last 9 months. As executive director Carol Erickson explained in her Gala speech, “In 2020, it has been reported that there are almost 100,000 new teenage pregnancy cases across Kenya. This number is shocking and overwhelming”. This number only continues to rise, and Imara seeks to remain on the front line supporting and fighting for these mothers that have nowhere else to go. Several mothers have since returned to Imara with new pregnancies, and Imara pledges to use the full arsenal of its resources to set these strong women up for a life of love and success.

Facing an estimated 30-40% rise in Kenya’s teenage pregnancy rates, the generous donors of Imara are just as responsible for the continued support and success of these mothers and children as those on the ground in the village. As these women continue to thrive under the eyes of God, the support of our generous base is needed now more than ever. Together, the Imara family will weather this trial and these brave women in their path to what Imara believes equips these women for a life of independence and eventual success.

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