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Imara Receives Grant from Safaricom

Kenyan communications company Safaricom recently granted Imara International 500,00Ksh to help in the construction of a new skills center for Imara mom’s. The center's goal is to educate mom’s in skill oriented areas to further them in the pursuit of a life of independence and prosperity. All mom’s at Imara are currently taking classes once a week in either Baking, Beautician work, or Sewing. However, all of these skills require equipment to aid in the perfecting of a valuable skill. The generosity of Safaricom’s recent grant has allowed for state of the art equipment in all 3 skill areas to be installed into the Skills Center. A new baking oven, electric sewing machine, treadle sewing machine, styling chair, shampoo station, massage table, manicure table, gel nail light, hair dryers, clippers, two shelves and a table make up the life changing equipment donated by Safaricom.

Project champion, Maurine Oromo, headed the fundraising and donation efforts for Safaricom, putting in a lot of work to procure the funds that are already making a profound

impact on the lives of Imara moms. A ceremony was held in August to premiere how the needed equipment is being used to further skills education. Merci Rachael Karimi of the Safaricom foundation gave a speech along with the formal donation, followed by the opportunity for Imara mom’s to show off their abilities on the new equipment.

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