• Benjamin Watts

My First Visit to the Farm

Although only in Kenya for a short time, the days continue to get better and even more rewarding one after the next. Today, I had the privilege of visiting and helping on the Imara farm. I got to meet two staff members, David and Mary, who were so hospitable and welcoming. They also allowed me to gain what I believe God chose as my lesson for the day. The pride that David and Mary took in their work was evident. As we picked spinach, carrots, potatoes and a vast array of crops to nourish Imara moms and their children, I saw their hands covered in soil, stained clothes indicating the repeated toilsome labor of the farm. However, when I looked at their faces, and when I spoke to them, a contagious smile was found on their faces, and an immense sense of pride in the work that they did was clear.

After we finished picking crops for the Imara village, David prepared some sugarcane for me to try, and boy was it delicious! David and Mary then gave me a tour of the entire farm, showing me the enthralling Kenyan landscape. Mary took me into her makeshift office that she was so proud of, and we sat on the wooden benches inside for a time laughing about the day’s adventures. David and I then had the difficult task of catching a sheep in the pen to bring to the Imara girls. Throughout the entire day, Mary was rocking my sunglasses, cool as ever.

All in all, the message God wanted me to bring from today was invaluable. Sometimes we take for granted how privileged we are, and sometimes the normalcy that we experience in our lives can lead to overlooking the work that goes into every task. As we stood in a circle eating some fresh oranges, I could not help but think of how the work that I had done on the farm that day (much more painstaking than throwing a hot pocket in the microwave), gave me a feeling of pride, reward, and appreciation. Although I will only be in Kenya for two months, for David and Mary, my today is their everyday. The work that they do is not easy, but they walk home every single day knowing that they can be proud of that work, knowing that their work has purpose, and knowing that if looked at close enough, their work is helping to change the lives of Imara moms and their children. It is the kind of work that I wish to emulate and that I think everyone should experience.

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