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From Farm to Plate: Imara Eats Well

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Imara House in Kenya is a place lively with 19 moms, their children, and 9 staff, at the turn of every corner is a smiling face and activity. With an Imara full of activity and people however, also comes an Imara with lots of empty stomachs. The skills of self-reliance and resourcefulness are being taught at Imara every day, especially when it comes to putting food on the plate. All food at Imara is sourced from one of two places: the Imara farm or local markets. The skills that are acquired from harvesting and preparing one’s own food are invaluable and far more rewarding. A plethora of crops, such as potatoes, beans, fruits and vegetables, are grown at the Imara farm annually and the agricultural skills that the mother’s gain have filled many stomachs. Some of the food that is sourced from the farm at Imara village is even sold at the local market, with the proceeds going directly towards changing the lives of these strong women and their children. The support of local businesses is also important to Imara and come from a local outdoor market, aiding a small business through difficult economic turmoil in Kenya.

With such a large group of people to nourish daily, the weekly food and water needs at Imara are a sight for eyes to see. Every week 15,000 liters of water, 25 pounds of porridge mix, 20 cabbages, 80 pounds of potatoes, and 20 loaves of bread only scratch the surface of the grocery list. The resourcefulness and acquired skills of Imara mom’s and staff, as well as the generosity of donors directly aid in the nourishment of the women and children who continue on their path to a life of happiness and prosperity. The operations at Imara resemble a big family in many ways. Just as the mom’s and staff take turns cooking and cleaning up, even the simplest of tasks like putting food on the table are done as a team. Everyone contributes with a smile on their faces.

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