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Safari Day!

By Lorie Hoekstra

It was our third day in Kenya when our driver picked us up in the predawn hour for the thirty minute drive to Ol Pejeta Conservancy. There were four of us… Joan, Amanda, Kimberly and me, all from Minnesota.

As we entered the park and started down the road, our eyes peeled for the first sighting of an animal, it felt surreal that we were actually on an African safari! There was a foggy haze on the landscape and watching the morning awaken was breathtaking as the grasses lit up, starting to dissipate the low-hanging fog.

Warthogs, rhino’s (including a mother and baby), and a water buffalo appeared first. And then a giraffe in the distance, so beautiful against the dark green foliage of the trees with the fog in the landscape behind it. This alone made the “journey” (“Safari” in Swahili) for me worthwhile!

We spent about 11 hours driving through the park, sometimes off road, searching out animals with our cameras clicking furiously. And sometimes I just put the camera down to fully appreciate the absolute beauty around me. Elephants, zebras, the elusive lions, were just a few, and finally the highlight….a mother cheetah and her four cubs! What a bonus!

We are so blessed to have had this experience. Memories I will cherish forever!

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